All Of Your Teeth Staining Questions Answered

A bright smile is something we all wish for. You might have seen models and public figures that give out a charming smiles with white and neat teeth. You may have looked at yourself and wished for whiter teeth. The question arises, what causes stained teeth, Is there a way to whiten your teeth. We have the most common queries answered here.

What are the some common reasons for teeth staining?,

Certain foods, drinks, smoking, tooth enamel decay, ageing.

How to prevent teeth staining?

Prevention is an easy process, the best dentist in Hamilton will guide you on avoiding certain foods or beverages that stain your teeth, and keep good oral care routines. Other than that, you can take initiative to quit smoking, brushing twice a day, rinsing with mouthwash and flossing daily, chewing sugar-free gum between meals, and seeing your dentists in Hamilton every six months.

What foods stain your teeth?

Bright and bold coloured foods, berries like blueberries, raspberries, bright curries, red pasta can cause teeth staining.

What drinks cause teeth staining?

Coffee, tea, red wine, and dark sodas. All these can be taken in moderation, however, frequent consumption can leave stains.

Do braces stain your teeth?

Braces doesn’t themselves stain your teeth, it comes down to how your teeth are taken care of while braces were on. A dentist in Hamilton will guide you on how to use whitening products while braces are on.

Does charcoal help with teeth staining?

Activated charcoal has been popularly spread as a whitening agent, removing stains, toxins and order. Eventhough there are not negative effects the results of it is not proven.

Are all types of tooth stains reversible?

The whitening process can solve all the kinds of stains like surface stains, under the surface stains, and age-related stains.

Ok, now you know how staining of teeth occurs, we shall look into the whitening process.

How do I know if I need teeth whitening?

If you feel you need to whiten your teeth, talk to your dentist about whether or not they recommend the treatment. The best dentists in Hamilton will asses the condition of your teeth, as well as the cause of the stains, which will help you determine your best options.

Do whitening products really help with teeth staining?

It helps however there’s a multitude of its availability, thereby consulting Dentists in Hamilton can help asses different results, pros, and cons of it

When is the best time to do teeth whitening?

You’ll need to make sure your teeth are free from decay, so the best time to start teeth whitening is after a teeth cleaning.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

No, teeth whitening processes are not permanent. Addition treatments may be required in the future.

Are there any side effects to teeth whitening?

Sensitivity is something some patients experience after whitening. Overuse or misuse of it can cause enamel damage leading to permanent discoloration.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Whitening can be done at as little as $50 at over-the-counter teeth whitening, however professional whitening at an emergency dental center in Hamilton with a couple of hundred dollars.

Get your white bright, white smile from the best dental care experts in Hamilton. For other oral health concerns and for a prompt emergency dental center in Hamilton, visit us.

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