Tooth Extraction Hamilton

Although our permanent teeth are meant to last us a lifetime, there are many reasons why they need to be extracted. If your tooth is damaged badly, decayed and cannot be saved by root canal treatment or by fillings, we are here for you. We offer tooth extractions.  You can rely on our team of experts to thoroughly analyze your teeth and provide you with a suitable solution. We are here to help you with all your needs.

Helping you aligning your teeth

If your teeth are too big for your mouth or you have more number of teeth, it may appear crowned and may not align correctly. If you wish to align your teeth, we are here for you. Our dentists offer tooth extractions. For more information, get in touch with us, our team is here to help you.

Preventing Infection

The center of your tooth contains nerves and blood vessels, the bacteria in your mouth can enter the pulp and cause infection. Although root canal treatment and composite fillings can help contain the infection, in some cases it may be essential to remove the teeth to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. Our professional dentists offer tooth extractions.

Pain Free Tooth Extraction

Our team understands that tooth extractions are always associated with pain and discomfort. We will ensure that the extraction is as pain free as possible. We administer anesthesia to patients and gently remove the teeth. We will take in factors such as your health condition into consideration, before we proceed with tooth extractions. It is essential to ensure that your diabetes, blood pressure and other health conditions are stable before the tooth extractions. We also advice on how to take care of the extracted area.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

  • Damaged or fractured teeth
  • To prepare your teeth for orthodontic treatment
  • Teeth detrimental to the fit dentures
  • Crowded teeth

Reputable Dental Clinic

We are a reputable clinic with many years of experience. All our staff are qualified and professional, you can rest assured that you are getting treatments and services of the highest quality. In addition to offering tooth extractions, we also provide wide range dental treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, crowns and bridges, teeth polishing and dental implants.

If your tooth is damaged beyond repair, we are here for you. You can rely on us to get quality, affordable and pain free tooth extractions. Book your appointment today to get Tooth Extraction Hamilton!