Emergency Dentist in Hamilton

Emergency dental care in Hamilton made accessible and affordable than ever. Sherman Dental Centre has qualified and well-experienced emergency dentist in Hamilton to take care of all your dental emergencies. Our service emphasizes on gentle and compassionate care to our clients while strictly adhering to the quality standards. We are open on Saturdays and evenings. So call us for all your dental emergencies and we will take care of it promptly.

What is Considered as Dental emergency?

Dental problems can occur anytime. Some require immediate attention and other require regular appointment. Most common dental emergency situation include oral injuries and infections that causes severe pain and distress. These situations left untreated can cause critical damage to your oral health. Thus you require adequate, intensive care that is time bound, and at Sherman's Dental Centre we offer the same.

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Here are some situations that calls for emergency dental care.

  • Broken, cracked tooth causing pain and discomfort in the mouth.
  • Teeth fallen off due to collision or accidents.
  • Severe pain or bleeding from the mouth.
  • Mouth sores or swelling.
  • Toothache or Severe tooth sensitivity.
  • Infections and abscess formation that leads to severe distress, ache or fever.

Minor chipping of teeth, loss of crown or filling isn't considered as an emergency but immediate care would be beneficial.

How can I get emergency dental care?

You don't have to be a regular patient of Sherman Dental Centre for emergency dental care services. An immediate phone call or walk in consultation can be availed.