Sedation Dentistry Hamilton

Having fears about visiting the dentist is a fairly common problem. Some people even have so much anxiety, that they avoid seeing the dentist altogether, or put off having minor dental problems corrected until they start to cause them serious issues.

Dental practices realize that dental anxiety can be a real problem for many people and for this reason, they do everything they can to put their patients at ease. One solution that is offered by some practices is sedation dentistry.

With Sedation Dentistry Hamilton, your dentist will administer certain medications that will either help you to sleep or to feel drowsy. The level of sedation you receive will be decided between you and your dentist ahead of time. Book your appointment with our Hamilton Dentist for more details!

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Sedation dentistry hamilton can help with a number of types of anxiety including:

  • Anxiety about needles – for some, the thought of needles while they are at the dentist is enough to make them feel panicky. Sedation can help you relax to the point where you will not even be aware of the needles.
  • Anxiety about sights, sounds and smells – whether it’s the sound of the dental drill that bothers you, the site of masked dentists and hygienists leaning over you or the various smells of the dental office, these can all cause anxiety for some. Oral conscious sedation can help to ease the fears associated with sights, sounds and smells to give you peace of mind.
  • Fears of choking and gagging – some people have a stronger than average gag reflex which can make visits to the dentist very challenging. Sedation dentistry can help you relax so that you won’t feel the urge to choke or gag while the dentist is working on your teeth.
  • Panic attacks – some people have such severe anxiety over going to the dentist that they can actually have panic attacks. Oral sedation can eliminate this anxiety so that you can feel comfortable.
  • Restlessness – some patients aren’t necessarily afraid of the dentist but they have trouble sitting still long enough for the dentist to complete the work. Sedation can be a good solution for patients who are too restless to sit still.