What Happens When You Lose A Tooth?

Missing teeth comes with some changes in your life. You might be missing your natural smile, confidence or maybe your love for eating your favorite food. Missing tooth can also lead to muscular strain and lack of speech clarity as well.

Apart from the crown of the teeth. Which is visible if the root of the teeth is gone the bone around the same teeth might recede slowly causing a mechanical shift to the rest of the teeth. The root is to anchor the tooth in the jawbone stabilizing the crown.

When two or more teeth lost, it can have an impact on the jawbone through shrinkage of it. This may give an aged appearance. Added chewing efficiency drops significantly. Thus the best dental implants in Hamilton is the way to go around this issue. It involves replacement of the tooth’s crown, or the entire tooth.

At any emergency dental centre in Hamilton you can get dental implant that looks ,feels and functions like natural teeth. They securely anchored teeth integrates into the structure of bone and prevents it’s degeneration and gum recession.

The best dentist in Hamilton ensures dental implants that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the adjacent teeth, and the nearby teeth are not altered for the same. Functional abilities like speech and eating will be comfortable to its maximum. You don’t have to opt messy adhesives, dentures or pastes again.

Dental implants might have some higher spending however it is one of the best oral treatment you can have.
With proper care it will last a lifetime, however some maintenance treatments like bridgework, denture alterations, adjustments or outright replacements might be require.

Get back to your energised happy life with a warm smile. We provide individual treatment that cater unique oral health needs and provide the best treatment options for you.

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