Types of Dentists: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

While visiting a dentist in Hamilton you’ve noticed variations in the designation like DDS, DMD, Specialists. Sometimes you will be referred to a specialist. How do you find out the differences. We’re here to help to clear the air about different types of dentists in Hamilton.

General Dentistry – DDS vs DMD

Most commonly visited dentist, in other words a general dentist in Hamilton you might visit. DDS refers to someone who has a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and DMD to Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. To gain the licencing and experience, they must both complete three or more years of undergraduate study followed by four years of dentistry school.

Both DDS & DMD have the same degree but the title difference is due to the university they attend recognise the profession. Both of them undergo the same course of studies, exams and a licensing examination to practice.

They are generally the primary dental health providers, covering your overall oral health care needs. They commonly cater to gum disease, cavities, root canals, crowns, and bridges as well as preventative care.

Dental Specialists

Oftentimes a general dentist in Hamilton may refer you to a dental specialist. They are professionals who have completed an additional 2-4 years in a specific area of expertise in dentistry.

Orthodontist –

Orthodontists specialize in fixing misalignments with jaws and teeth of all age groups. Cases like fixing extra teeth, missing teeth or crowning teeth. They are the ones you generally visit for treatments with braces, Invisalign, retainers etc.

Pediatric Dentist –

These dentists in Hamilton work exclusively with children, and are also known as pedodontists. They have been trained well to ease children into dental procedures by learning and practicing child psychology. So they are nurture good oral health habits among children through effective communication..

Oral Surgeon –

They handle surgical treatments concerning dental injuries, diseases, aesthetic changes, removal of wisdom teeth, dental implants, biopsy of the mouth. They are also trained in administering anesthesia to ease the patients into surgery.

Endodontist –

The root canal treatment you’ve heard of is performe by them. They address tooth pain, and save the natural tooth. The treatment involves procedures that tackle infected tissues inside a tooth.

Periodontist –

They carry out the role of protecting and treating the supporting tissues and structures around the teeth like gums. They handle acute to severe gum diseases and are train for dental implants as well.

Prosthodontist –

They help patients in the process of restoration of lost or damaged teeth. They help clients achieve a natural and attractive smile, and thus the treatments include dental implants, bridges and dentures.

With different types of dentists explained you’ll have better insights into visiting them. However the choice of going to a specialist is to be made by the general dentist and not you.

If you’re looking for a general dentist, a specialist or an emergency dentist in Hamilton feel free to get in touch with us for an expert care.

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