Say Ahhhh – What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

Our tongue is a sense organ which deserves attention and care like any other organ. However we often take it for granted. Even while brushing a large number of people skip scraping the tongue and taking good care of it. These habits, along with smoking and other underlying medical conditions can result in problems of the tongue. These are manifested in many ways and here are some indicators you would want to be aware of.

White Coating on Tongue

A shade of pink is ideal for a tongue. However a shade of coated white substance often appears among people. This could be oral thrush, a yeast overgrowth that occurs inside the oral cavity. The best dentist in Hamilton knows how to treat this condition well enough.

White Patches on Tongue

It is a condition called Leukoplakia that can happen due to excessive smoking or tobacco use. If the tongue has been irritated that way the best dentists in Hamilton will advise you to quit that tobacco habit. If you see the same book a dentist appointment to rule out oral cancer.

Overly Red Tongue

Vitamin deficiency of folic acid or B-12 causes reddening of the tongue. This is known as Kawasaki disease. The cure to this is easy by adding vitamin supplements to your diet.

Irregular Red Bumpy Patches

These signs look like a map on your tongue. It occurs during a time of high fever. An immediate visit to the doctor can help cure the underlying condition.

Tender, Sore Tongue

It is manifested as a sensitive spot or a spread-out one. It can arise from food allergies. If it doesn’t go away with time, it is advised to visit a dentist in Hamilton.

Hairy Tongue

A certain kind of protein build-up that causes bumps trapping food particles. It can look like hair strands, however, it can be remove with a good brushing or tongue scraping. If it still persists, visiting a dentist in Hamilton is advise.

Your dentist is the first go-to person in times of problematic conditions of the tongue. The best dentists in Hamilton will take care of it without utmost care and professionalism. For emergency, conditions visit Sherman Dental, the best emergency dental care center in Hamilton.

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