Summer is the perfect time for your 1st grader to have a brace consultation.

Summer is all about playing, swimming, and doing little activities. Your kids have been long awaiting because of their hectic work schedule. Summer is a good time to add brace consultation to that to-do list for your little ones. We have this common misconception that braces are only applicable during our twenties or teenage years. In many situations, they are, but the brace consultation should take place well before the braces are applied! In fact, by the age of seven, the American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that youngsters have their first brace consultation.

Defining Brace consultation for you

An orthodontist, a dentist who specializes in evaluating and treating over/underbites, gaps in teeth, tooth crowding, jaw misalignments, and other bite disorders, will schedule a braces consultation. During a braces consultation, your child’s orthodontist will talk with them, examine their teeth, and maybe take x-rays. They’ll discuss their recommendations with mom and dad based on what they suggest. Chewing might be hamper by misaligned teeth or jaws, resulting in nutritional and digestion issues. Brushing and flossing might be difficult or impossible to do when teeth are crowd. If the orthodontist doesn’t notice anything that needs to address, they may just advise you to practice good oral hygiene and return if anything changes.

Why Your 1st grader?

Early detection of dental problems, like so many other health issues, can make treatment much easier and result in better results. If braces are required, detecting them early might make future treatment less time-consuming and complicate.

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